Dab rigs are one of the most amazing things to ever have been invented for a stoner. You will not find a more amazing smoking tool than this tool. Once you use this tool, you will never want to look towards a glass bong or any other kind of smoking tool ever again. Using this tool is fairly simple and convenient, once you use this tool you will quickly get the hang of it and then you can keep using this tool over and over again. My life was transformed when I discovered a concentration pipe at a friend’s party. Once I got a hit of marijuana from the oil rig, I never looked towards a glass bong ever again in my life.

The best option for you

If you are a heavy duty stoner who likes to have a good time, then dab rigs are the best option for you. Buying and owning an oil rig or concentrate pipe is always going to be better and convenient than owning a gigantic glass bong. For one, you won’t be able to quickly and discreetly hide the glass bong when people come over. The reason that a glass bong is bigger than an oil rig is that the glass bong uses dry herbs instead of-of concentrate material. Dry herbs do not vaporize like concentrate does so the glass bong needs to be huge to give a wide path to the smoke to travel. If you like your vapor to be milky and super condensed so you get the best possible high, then you need to get dab rigs.

How much will the dab rig cost you?

One popular argument in favor of dab rigs is that the shorter the distance is from your mouth to the product, the harder you will get hit with the product. This is certainly one way to convince people to go out and immediately get a dab rig of their own. When comparing the prices of dab rigs and glass bongs, you will find that the dabbing tools are slightly more expensive than glass bongs. But when you realize that these rigs allow you to get a better and longer lasting high, the price difference won’t matter much to you.