If you have been using your amp for a while and are frustrated because it is not producing the kind of sound you need, do not rush into buying a new amp. Try to make some adjustment to see if you can get the favorable sound you are looking for. Try reading Blackstar Id Core 100 review to get to know how the best amps work.

Here are some great tips for you to try –

Lower gain for better clarity

  • Avoid getting your crank too high as they saturate the tone. They are only suitable for power chords and not for anything else.
  • Rolling the gain back a little can help you improve the tone to a great bit.

Change the location of the guitar amp

  • The location of the amp can play an important role in the tone it produces.
  • Try to change the location and you will find that the amp produces different sound every time. Pick the location that is best for you.

Avoid using recommended guitar amp settings

  • Instead of finding amp settings on the internet, try out some different settings to pick the one that is right for you.
  • Do not just rely on the recommended settings if you want to become a great guitarist.

The problem might be just your strings

  • If your guitar and amp do not sound the way it did before, problem may be your strings and not the amp.
  • Try to change the strings and it might just be okay.