Periodontal disease is all about a condition which is a leading cause of tooth loss among various adults in this developed world. Now, the question is what periodontal disease is and how it occurs?

Periodontal disease starts when the toxins that are found in plaque begins to inflame or irritate the gum tissue or gingiva. Thereby, eventually, it can lead to loss of teeth.

Below, a few signs and symptoms to look out for –

The first symptom is the occurrence of bleeding due to flossing, brushing or eating food. Bleeding is the result of plaque build-up which leads to bacterial infection and weak tissues.

Another symptom of the periodontal disease is swollen, painful or red gum for apparently no reason. Therefore, it is very important to check the progression of the disease and protect the gum tissue along with jaw bone before it gets affected.

Sometimes, periodontal disease can make your teeth look longer due to the toxins produced by the bacteria which kills the supporting tissues and bones.

Bad breath is another symptom of periodontal disease. The gum pockets will build up more debris and bacteria; this will create a foul odor, you need to identify it and seek proper treatment in time.

A loose or shift of tooth is a sign of rapid progression of periodontitis in your mouth; this happens due to weak bone tissue.

Lior Tamir Dentist advice that it is very important to control the progression of the disease before it creates heavy damage to your jawbone and gum tissues.