If you are faced with an iCloud account lock, you are obviously not accessible to your personal data and that your device is long longer nay worth to you, leaving you with the two options either throw it away or sell it for nothing or shop a new Apple device. It doesn’t matter you have paid the due amount for your secondhand phone, but the previous owner can still block your account leaving you holding the bag! It is possible for them to lock the iPhone by entering through the iCloud account and disabling others like you to sign in. What you will see is iCloud unlock message as an indication that you are no longer the real owner.

The best solution to iCloud unlock is to get your phone’s iCloud unlocked but how? Your iPhone has been frozen, the access to the data has gone away from you, what you have now is nothing more than a toy. So, once you get rid of iCloud unlock, you will be able to use your phone like the real owner. Failure to do so will lead you to throw it or keeping it in the cupboard as a useless adult device but a useful kids’ toy. Either be able to unlock it or give it to the children so that they can play and enjoy it.

In fact, you need to have a software or tool that can allow you to reset your iCloud without requiring you to enter the password. These kinds of software are rarely found on the internet. If you want to get the one, you first need to make sure that it will work with a 100 percent success rate. It is quite unwise to waste your time in a useless manner.


As for me, I think, the cheapest, fastest, and best supported iCloud Unlock is Doulci Activator. It has the ability to unlock iCloud accounts no matter how long it has been. So, if you are faced with iCloud lock, then you must give this tool a try so that you can use your mobile along with your date again. It is hoped that you will find it useful.