While everybody is aware of it; nobody gives any thought to getting injured at the workplace. Consequently, they find themselves at a loss when faced with a workplace injury.

Foremost, they try to ignore the injury or just take care of it themselves. In severe cases, they are in a dilemma to hire hurt on the job lawyers.

The following guidelines should help you make the right decision.

Scenarios which can be handled by self

Not all workplace injuries warrant the need of a lawyer. There are few injuries where you face no hassle and get your compensation claims easily. Few of those scenarios are:

A minor workplace injury like a sprained ankle, a twisted arm, a not very cut which can easily be taken care of by few stitches, etc.

No work loss due to injury.

Employer agreeing as work-injury and taking full responsibility for it.

The injury region of your body has not suffered any injury in the past like a car accident or any other accident of a similar nature.

Scenarios that may warrant a lawyer

While you may not need a lawyer at all times; few situations force you to seek the help of a compensation lawyer. They are:

Employer disputing your claim or delaying the payment of the claim amount.

The employer’s settlement amount falls below satisfactory level and does not cover your lost wages of medical bills incurred.

The injury forced you into a position of partial or permanent disability.

You either receive or are planning to receive Social Security disability benefits.

There are various other disputed situations where the compensation lawyer can be the lifeline.