With festival season around the corner, it is time to start looking for the latest rave fashion websites for new ideas.

Today, ravers enjoy showing more skin than the iconic phat pants or midriffs.

Let’s look at some rave clothing and accessories trend to get a hint of what to choose.


With mesh top, you get to the feel of being covered but can show some skin.

Mesh trend is unisex, which is a bonus.


A vinyl skirt may transport you back in the ’90s but will slowly grow on you.

Vinyl skirt with holographic details can make you feel covered but still a way to show your skin.

LED shirts

Technology keeps developing and it got included in guys LED shirts.

A sound reactive shirt will obviously grab attention, during the rave.

Printed crystal

Rocks, geodes, and crystals have been worn around necks at the festivals for several years.

Screen print crystals are a fresh take for this festival.

Beaded bodysuits

Cut out and beaded trends are hitting the markets making pupils turn into tiny hearts.

The price of such body suit is a little high but will stick around for its versatility.

Magical backpacks

You can go hands-free hanging the awesome backpack with holographic designs.

Some backpacks have wings or reversible sequins.

Colorful sunnies

There is no metal digging in your nose with glasses having an acrylic frame.

Even if you lose then it won’t hit your wallet because they are fairly priced.

Trends change every time. It does not matter what you wear. Raving means enjoying music and having fun. For More Information About rave clothing, Please Check Rave Wonderland