You will find some time that your computer is taking forever to boot, and if it boots, it may open some browsers which contain advertisements for some hair loss products, etc. This proves that your system is facing a problem with malware.

This article will help you identify if your PC has malware and tips to remove the unwanted malware.

First of all, dig up and check for viruses, you can simply understand if your computer has viruses if your PC runs slower than usual, lots of pop-up messages, new icons on your computer that you can’t recognize, etc. All this proves that your system has malware, and it is high time to remove it.

You can boot windows 10 in safe mode by restarting your computer and pressing F8 continuously. Always back up your files such as important documents, videos, photos, etc. so that you have access to them even if they get deleted during the process. For More Information About boot windows 10 in safe mode, Please Check Provided Link.

Then, you need to run a malware scanner and scan your computer. The scan will show you a list of results about the viruses found and removed. Restart your computer once the scanning is completed. Check for any available updates of your software and go ahead with it.