Hard money has numerous advantages and benefits, the most important one being the speed and ease of approval and funding for you. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss the deals offered by direct hard money lenders.

Don’t rush these deals, always try to negotiate a better purchase price because the property owner is often in a rush to sell their property and hence may be willing to negotiate a better price if it results in purchase closing quickly. Direct hard money loans are usually funded much faster than conventional loans and thus can have a shorter escrow period.

Think of a bid which will be easily accepted over other bidders. A bid with direct hard money financing has an advantage over other bids with conventional financing, but your competitors are probably thinking the same so bid something that one can’t refuse. Direct hard money loans are funded much faster than conventional bank loans and aren’t susceptible to those type of delays and problems.

They offer you to raise cash quickly in comparison to other facilities such as traditional institutions. You will be amazed to hear that direct hard money gets approved and even funded within a few days. Therefore, it is considered one of the most favorable ways to raise capital.