Get Various Options for Treating Your Arthritis Problem

These days, arthritis is very common among people where it affects your joints and bones. Anybody can be diagnosed with arthritis. It is usually seen in women, but old age people and children are also not spared from this condition.

If not treated quickly, it can leave redness and soreness, which can further become dangerous. Most of the people generally opt for knee replacement. Arthritis foundation has worked worldwide briefing on different ways of treating this chronic disease. This foundation works with healthcare departments and other organizations to educate people about arthritis.

It is hard for every individual to spend money for the treatment. Hence, this foundation is helping people in different ways to get their disease treated –

  • For mild pain doctors prescribe medicines or ointments to give relief.
  • Oral medicines which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory help in reducing pain.
  • Ointments have menthol with capsaicin as well as salicylate that when applied to painful areas give relief. However, this ointment should be applied often.
  • Diet and nutrition is always necessary in arthritis. Overweight people suffer the most with this problem.
  • Exercise can reduce the speed of decreasing cartilage. Physical therapy is tried in rehabilitation centers that cure completely after surgery.
  • There are some injections that also give relief from the pain. Once you are relieved you can get into any kind of physical therapy.
  • For serious arthritis, generally doctors suggest joint replacement surgery.