How to save electric energy?

Our future depends on how to live life in the present! A good management control over the natural resources won’t only extend the life of our world but also bring a combined beneficiary result to the whole universe. Let us have a look only a few daily noticeable points to saving the electricity or better saying saving the pocket to spend later save electric budget through energy saving box for not only the financial year but also for a general growing fame of a world.

Timers are the primarily different type of devices which switch on/off an electric circuit. It’s either timed manually or controlled by using an intelligent RC commander or timed through digital/manual clocks. All types of such timers are primarily on and off switches load off from electric necessity when it isn’t really required. For an instance, the light system of the house shouldn’t be designed to let on when it’s sufficient daylight! Here, the concept of such type of timers could play a significant role financially. For instance, if a light bulb that uses 100W stays lighted for a whole day would consume an amount of 2.4 KW or 2400W or 0.1 kWh (kilowatt hour) which would cost in a month around 3kWh times unit of electric energy.

Now let suppose if that bulb is controlled such that one normally uses when it’s dark period during the whole day average eight to ten hours than average consumed amount would be reduced from three kWh a month to around 1.75 kWh a month that’s about forty percent decrease of whole consumption of a one single 100 W electric bulb. Okay, now if it is about ten kinds of similar electric appliances in a home, that simply, work as low as about ten hours each day which will, in turn, lead to saving almost forty percent of the whole budget if they’re consumed full time.