Men’s waistcoat: how to choose the right one

Advice for men who must choose the right waistcoat that is most suitable for their body. Here are the models to choose from and a few tips to avoid mistakes. There are those who look elegant, those who informal, who sports, those particular.  Each has its own taste and needs and everyone tries to understand how to get out of the new male fashion trends. Be aware, however, that in order to choose the right men waistcoat for good it is necessary to follow simple and basic rules to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Tips to Choose the Right Waistcoat

  • First of all you have to pay attention to the cut and the profile of the garment. Do not start to discard the models that will show you because you will never be sure of the model that really suits you if you have not tried them all.
  • To understand immediately what the most suitable waistcoat model is for you there is no other solution than to try.
  • When you try the waistcoat, regardless of the cut and the profile of this, you have to pay close attention to the adherence of the garment to your neck. It will have to adhere perfectly it will not have to form unwatchable folds. If it does not, it means that you are facing the size and probably also the most suitable model for your body.
  • When you try the waistcoat try wearing a shirt and a formal jacket underneath. The right waistcoat will have to cover the shirt and jacket sleeves below.
  • The length should indicatively be located at the knees (unless you are trying a particular short or long model). Always speaking of lengths, know that the models of short waistcoat are the most informal and sporty, while the long waistcoat are definitely the most elegant.
  • Over time the cuts of the various waistcoats have been revised also because the young fashion. It requires more long cuts, more adherent to the body lines. If you are young and prefer a more adherent model try to take a look in the big chains that also sell elegant man lines like Zara, here you will find very fashionable cuts and also something more particular. For those who cannot give up the ‘ haute couture comes from’ that the best solution to find the right waistcoat is to have it sewn on.