Role of hydrogen compressor as a key component in hydrogen stations

Hydrogen is dense by weight but not by volume. Hence it requires a larger tank for storage. Hydrogen compressor is used to overcome this limitation of hydrogen as a fuel. The device increases the pressure of hydrogen by reducing its volume resulting in compressed hydrogen or liquid hydrogen.

For storage and transportation

The hydrogen gas in its natural state has very low pressure which is not suitable for storage and transportation. The device works similar to a fuel cell, a voltage is applied to the membrane, and the resulting electric current pulls hydrogen through the layer.

Compressed hydrogen gas doesn’t need massive storage tanks.

Compressed hydrogen can be easily transported through a pipeline to a hydrogen refueling station

Pressure indicator

The electrochemical compression of hydrogen is carried out to achieve the desired pressure (300 bar to 700 bars). (more…)

Rave Clothing and Accessories Trend to Look Out For

With festival season around the corner, it is time to start looking for the latest rave fashion websites for new ideas.

Today, ravers enjoy showing more skin than the iconic phat pants or midriffs.

Let’s look at some rave clothing and accessories trend to get a hint of what to choose.


With mesh top, you get to the feel of being covered but can show some skin.

Mesh trend is unisex, which is a bonus.


A vinyl skirt may transport you back in the ’90s but will slowly grow on you.

Vinyl skirt with holographic details can make you feel covered but still a way to show your skin.

LED shirts

Technology keeps developing and it got included in guys LED shirts.

A sound reactive shirt will obviously grab attention, during the rave.

Printed crystal

Rocks, geodes, and crystals have been worn around necks at the festivals for several years.

Screen print crystals are a fresh take for this festival.

Beaded bodysuits

Cut out and beaded trends are hitting the markets making pupils turn into tiny hearts.

The price of such body suit is a little high but will stick around for its versatility.

Magical backpacks

You can go hands-free hanging the awesome backpack with holographic designs.

Some backpacks have wings or reversible sequins.

Colorful sunnies

There is no metal digging in your nose with glasses having an acrylic frame.

Even if you lose then it won’t hit your wallet because they are fairly priced.

Trends change every time. It does not matter what you wear. Raving means enjoying music and having fun. For More Information About rave clothing, Please Check Rave Wonderland

The Advantages of Booking Myrtle Beach House Rentals

If you are planning a holiday to Myrtle Beach; you might want to consider the convenience of Myrtle Beach house rentals.

House rentals are infinitely different from impersonal hotel accommodation. The basic premise behind house rentals is to have your very own temporary home while on vacation.

House rentals on Myrtle Beach are a great way to experience personalized vacation accommodation for the first time. Read further to know more.

Homes away from Home

House rentals on Myrtle Beach are exactly what they sound like; these are temporary homes away from home; while you are on the perfect Myrtle Beach vacation. (more…)

Do You Know What Are the Avantage De La Location D’un Photocopieur?

Nowadays most of the business houses prefer to choose a photocopier on rent instead of leasing or buying any machine outright. You can certainly save upfront expense which is a considerable amount of money through copier rental.

Following are few avantage de la location d’un photocopieur (advantages of copier hire/rental).

Always a better option

If you prefer to buy any photocopier then you have to make full payment to own it. On the other hand, while leasing, you will enter into a contract which is also usually long term but you need not shell out lots of money. Also, anytime if machine performance goes down then you can change it or upgrade it (more…)

Top Signs of Having a Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is all about a condition which is a leading cause of tooth loss among various adults in this developed world. Now, the question is what periodontal disease is and how it occurs?

Periodontal disease starts when the toxins that are found in plaque begins to inflame or irritate the gum tissue or gingiva. Thereby, eventually, it can lead to loss of teeth.

Below, a few signs and symptoms to look out for –

The first symptom is the occurrence of bleeding due to flossing, brushing or eating food. Bleeding is the result of plaque build-up which leads to bacterial infection and weak tissues.

Another symptom of the periodontal disease is swollen, painful or red gum for apparently no reason. Therefore, it is very important to check the progression of the disease and protect the gum tissue along with jaw bone before it gets affected.

Sometimes, periodontal disease can make your teeth look longer due to the toxins produced by the bacteria which kills the supporting tissues and bones.

Bad breath is another symptom of periodontal disease. The gum pockets will build up more debris and bacteria; this will create a foul odor, you need to identify it and seek proper treatment in time.

A loose or shift of tooth is a sign of rapid progression of periodontitis in your mouth; this happens due to weak bone tissue.

Lior Tamir Dentist advice that it is very important to control the progression of the disease before it creates heavy damage to your jawbone and gum tissues.

Top Advantages of Using Augmented Reality for Business

One of the core advantages of using augmented reality for business is the tablets and smartphones availability of hardware and its usage in understanding and intuition.

The advancement of technology has resulted in the development of all fields such as you can now try on new clothes without even wearing them or check if the interior fits.

Advantages in various filed are as follows.


The development of augmented reality has resulted in gaining new experience both for Android and iOS users in either offline or online mode.

The virtual fitting rooms will help customers to choose the right design and size with decreased purchase returns.


AR can accelerate the process of building at the factory. The project managers help to monitor the work-in-progress in real time.

Moreover, it can save you a lot of time that you would have been using in digital maps and plants.

Education and training

Augmented reality development in education has unlimited benefits of teaching and learning process.

The use of technology gives an entire real physical and psychological experience so that you get an authentic virtual experience.

Travel and tourism

The GPS installed in mobile apps with the help of AR helps tourist to get the directions of desired destinations.

It also helps to translate signs given on the street and gives you information about sightseeing.

How Is A Pole Saw Beneficial for Regular Maintenance of Your Garden?

Trees need regular trimming and pruning in order to keep them healthy and look best. A pole saw is a tool which helps you in doing so without being climbed up on a tree or use of any ladder.

Like, various other powerful tools, the pole saws are designed in a way to suit various needs.

This article will be all about the functionality of the best pole saws.

There are various types of pole saws available in the market and online stores. They are typically the electric pole saw, cordless pole saw, and gas-powered pole saw.

An electric pole saw is an affordable choice for home-owners with relatively small yards, depending on the quality and features of the saw. Electric pole saws weigh around less than 15 pounds.

The cordless pole saw is useful for medium to large size yards. The cordless pole saws are powered by rechargeable batteries and are preferably lighter around 13 to 15 pounds.

The gas-powered pole saw is beneficial when you have a lot of trees to trim. They are convenient to places where electricity isn’t available and are slightly on the heavier side, weights around 14 to 20 pounds.

All the categories have its own benefits and depend on the need of the owner.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Baby Snowsuits

Snowsuits are one of the most important winters wear for babies and toddlers. In this article, we will talk about how to select the best baby snowsuit that best serves your budget and needs.

The consideration of choosing the best baby winter snowsuit is made on the basis of the following criteria functionality, size, customer feedback, and budget.


In addition to the design and color, the most important thing that you should consider while purchasing snowsuit is its comfortability, compact, and reliability.

The quality of the material used should be decent enough for a baby’s wear.


The Piezoelectric Effect – Why is it So Popular?

Some materials produce an electric charge with the application of mechanical stress. This generation of electric charge is known as the Piezoelectric effect or piezoelectricity. The piezoelectric effect is one of its kind; as the same material that generates an electric charge under mechanical stress, can generate mechanical stress when in contact with an electrical charge.

The explanation for the Piezoelectric Effect

The piezoelectric effect can be scientifically explained as the physical shifting of both negative and positive charge centers in a material under the influence of mechanical stress. Vice-versa, a piezoelectric material is vulnerable to stretching or compressing under the influence of an external electric source.

Discovery of the Piezoelectric Effect

Physicist brothers Jacques and Pierre Curie first discovered the piezoelectric effect in the 1800s. Their discovery can be attributed to their combined knowledge of pyroelectricity and of the structural and behavioral characteristics of crystals. Their demonstration of piezoelectricity in activities centered around the use of topaz, salt, cane sugar and quartz crystals among other materials. Piezoelectricity was further explored over the course of the two World Wars, bringing about the invention of the sonar device and sonar detection applications.

Natural and Manmade Piezoelectric Materials

Common examples of humanmade piezoelectric materials are barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate. Natural generators of piezoelectricity are cane sugar, topaz, and quartz among others. You need to find piezoelectric manufacturers depending on the application.

Modern Day Applications of the Piezoelectric Effect

The piezoelectric effect is integral for the sustained functions of multiple modern day inventions including but not limited to gas lighters and even ultrasonic transducers.

Top Benefits of Having Magnet Assemblies in the Manufacturing Industry

The post is all about better understanding of the complex and confusing world of magnets.

In this post, you will find out the work and features of magnetic assemblies and why are they one of most common solutions to magnet applications.

Moreover, we will let you explore the fabrication and manufacturing of the magnet assembly

One thing that often overlooked is the inherently brittle composition of the magnet alloys. Magnets that are exposed to repetitive mechanical stress suffer the loss of volume. (more…)