Penis Extender Tips – What You Need to Know

If you’re new to penis extenders, here are some ideas that will assist you to pick one that’s right for you, then take full advantage of the security and efficiency while utilizing it.

Tips for Selecting a Penis Extender

When selecting a penis extender, make certain to keep in mind the following:

– Pick one that has spring-loaded stress screws for accurate traction. Your penis will grow a little bit at a time, so you’ll require a way to make the extender simply a bit longer every once in a while. Extending rods will include bigger increments to the extender’s length, however, you’ll require stress screws for minute increments.

– Select the convenience strap design over the noose design. Not just is the convenience strap comfier, however, it gets rid of the slippage concern where the penis slips out of the noose throughout use. The convenience strap design will allow you to use the extender for longer periods of time without cutting off the blood circulation to your penis, which will result in more gains in the long run. Check out a Penile guider reviews penile master to know more about it. (more…)